Curriculum Vitae

Ing. Wilhelm Muller VDI



1) Educated in Germany in the field of mechanical engineering.

2) Member VDI (Association of German Engineers).

3) Post secondary education / Applied Science studies.



1) Copyright owner "Fuel Consumption Estimate Tables" (file no. 134493 Copyright office Ottawa)

2) Patent US 6,601,568 B1

3) European Patent 1230476



1) Published paper on the mechanical installation / World Trade Center New York, N.Y.



1) Manufacturing Industry

@ Construction design of specialty apparatuses for the Pulp and Paper Industry

@ Production and flow design for the Pulp and Paper process

@ Construction and flow design of specialty apparatuses for the Duro-plastic industry

@ Design of process procedures for the Duro-plastic industry

@ Member of a Design team for a Duro-plastic plant in Bombay, India

@ Project management and design of Air-conditioning systems and components.

@ Design of Refrigeration-Industrial systems.

@ Engineering support for the operation and maintenance of mechanical / industrial facilities in Europe


2) Transportation Industry

@ Responsible for providing the engineering supports for the operation and maintenance of mechanical systems at Transport Canada Airports of the Canadian Air Transportation Administration.

@ Fiscal responsibility and advanced financial and technical planning implementations at Transport Canada Airports of the Canadian Air Administration.

3) Consulting Engineering

@ Analyzing environmental facilities at a office building in Germany and consequently acted as expert witness for state court procedure. The court presentation was supported by written statements in relation to engineering analysis and supported with proof oriented photographs of said facilities.

@ Designed and managed the installation of air-conditioning systems at Television Broadcasting facility in Germany.

@ Calculated detailed engineering design specifications of high-rise buildings in Vancouver, B.C.

@ As project manager developed the engineering design for self-contained and supported military projects for the U.S.A. in Europe. The engineering design was implemented in both, the Imperial as well as in the Metric system. The specifications where written in the German and English language.

@ Developed and designed mechanical installations for the Particle Accelerator Facility at the University of British Columbia. This project included the design work for handling of radioactive materials.

@ Designed and implemented preventive maintenance programs in conjunction with the Honeywell Corporation.

@ Implemented engineering supervision of construction sites for residential building facilities at the University of British Columbia.


4) Photography (Engineering)

@ Providing visually imaging presentation for engineering purposes and environmental damage assessments and presentation procedures. The photographic documentation implementation was achieved with the following equipment:

Linhof 4x5 large format equipment to present actual fact photographic documentation.

Linhof medium size equipment to present fact finding photographic documentation.

Quick find imaging recorded on 35mm camera equipment as manufactured by Leica corporation with Schneider optics and on Nikon equipment with Nikkor lenses.

@ Photographed technical processing installation for the plastic manufacturing industry.

@ Photographed mechanical building components for state court procedure in Germany.

@ Photographed mechanical apparatuses for archive purposes.

@ Environmental damage assessment supplemented with photographic imaging for corrective measure implementation on Environment Canada installation for Transport Canada of the Canadian Air Administration in the pacific region.

@ Photographed property for future airport facilities and existing airport installations for Transport Canada of the Canadian Air Administration.

@ Implemented engineered photographic documentation for litigation process.